Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things that human choose not to talk about...

this was Created on July 24, 2010 

I just came back from a wedding at sime darby, Felicia n Afnan. The photographers are from Pretty Peektures. I noticed one of their crew (Azmin Mohd). I cant help myself to observe other photogs when they are at work because u can see many things, some are good n some are bad. I havento say this out loud, Azmin did a wonderful job. Why i said so? Because he is 

-know what he is doing
-polite n easy with smiles
-seize every moment he sees
-did test shot before d bride n groom actually walk into his frame
-he never stops (accept for answering calls) 
-he carry 2 bodies (Nikon) n place them well n safe when not using one of it.
-talk with a friendly tone even to strangers, like myself.

And many more good quality that dont really see in photographers nowadays. Personally, i am very happy to see n meet such a photog after countless encounter with photogs who... Senang cerita x reti hormat majlis orang. One of the reason why i highlight this is also because, normally, when someone fucked up, memang berjela laa siap ada fan page lagi about how fucked up u are but when good things happen, semua senyap n x nak bagi acknowledgement. I hope we can change that mentality of ours. Azmin is someone who has what it takes to be a good photographer in all sense. Once again...Azmin Mohd, congrats for being an outstanding photographer for the event, i hope there will be more others like u in the future. To Pretty Peektures, he is one hell of an aset to u guys.

(sekali principal prettypeaktures dahhhhh) hahahahaahhah...hats off Azmin ;)



  2. coolness...aku memang sound tepek jer kalau kena kat sedara mara aku...

  3. Cam mana? Hahahah moh kito try wujudkan satu s.o.p khas untuk kes nie hahahah