Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Profile Setting

Salam and greeting all, few weeks ago i was asked this question “what is the best picture profile setting for the camera?” Anyways, thought of sharing this with u guys. after a series of trying out and few discussion with some people, this is what i wanna share, to cut it short, this are the settings that i found useful and at their best :
*first number represent sharpness and it goes downwards (Canon)
Standard : 7 0 2 0 (best to use on 5D Mark II and 7D )- hobbyist, for vibrant color and sharpness
Standard : 7 0 1 0 (normal usage)- hobbyist
Standard : 5 0 1 0 (this is the best, for me it is)
Standard : 5 0 0 0 (a well experienced guy told me that this is the best setting would be,we should not burst the sharpness up to 7)
According to few experts, the last setting, 5 0 0 0 and also 3 0 0 0 is one of the best as the rest of the colors or settings are not manipulated through here and can be adjust through post processing. try out and see how it goes…hope this help…


  1. That would be rreeeaally helpful.. explain lagi bleh? :p

  2. its like this...the picture profile setting is in the camera's menu, the one yang ada standard, portrait, landscapes and so on then dia ada custom 1,2 and 3.

    at the custom settings, u can change dia punya sharpness, color tone, saturation and also contrast. normally users will change it according to their preferences. After few research has been done and some discussions with the experts, this are some of the best settings that can be use, but this are for Canon users, Nikon tak berkesempatan nak try out lagi...

    hope this explains ;)