Saturday, October 30, 2010


Salam and greetings to all readers...

HAALLUUUUUUUUU...ok ok...i am sorry MJ for disappearing for quite a while and...i think i shall not share with the rest...bikin malu saja...anyhoo...

do check out the links at the right hand side as we will keep updating and adding new links that we would like to share it with the rest. FYI, we will not simply put any links at PP's blog, we will filter it first and if the content is clean and most importantly, it is beneficial and informative to all, we will definitely add it in. If you want your link to be added, kindly drop us a message or u can simply type ur link at the comment box and write a simple msg such as "link to be link" ....hmmm..somehow bunyi macam darling check the latest addition... and some might have been taken out due to under construction purposes..they will be back in, and to those whos link are not chosen, we mean no harm, probably your content is not suitable for the readers. TQ for the support and have a good link link time ;)

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  1. What do you mean not sharing with the rest? this is for a private/limited view post? :p no worries~*

    I'm thinkin to write somethin..but the birthday didnt produce any creativity thought which was quite depressing~

    Awesome new links btw!