Monday, August 30, 2010

Phondok Photography

Phondok Photography (PP) is originated from the idea of sekolah pondok
(school hut). Ideally, a sekolah pondok, a place where one can study knowledge without age or background and time limitation. It is a place which supports self learning by sharing knowledge among each other. PP absorb the sekolah pondok concept as it creates an environment which individuals are able to gain knowledge without any limitation. 

Phondok Photography is a non profitable body. It gives and provide education
to those who want to learn photography.
PP is similiar to Sekolah Pondok's concept. It is a place for everyone,
may it be the newbies, the seasoned photographers or even the pros. This
is a place for you to share your knowledge, infos, tips, stories and
experience or even work as a channel to vent your frustration with
whoever you work with and even your customers too (so that other's can
learn and take pointers as well from your experience)! Perhaps, you will
be able to gain invaluable knowledge that you never knew before, even
after paying hundreds of ringgit for photography courses. Here, at PP,
we practice the mantra "knowledge is free". PP will also coordinate
activities such as outing, gathering and photo walkabout from time to
time and to those who are interested to venture into wedding
photography, occasionally, you will be invited to shoot for a real
wedding, with proper guidance from the principal photographer of course!
Here at PP, you will also be guided on the ethics of being a
photographer i.e how to handle your customer, your fellow photographers,
the crowd and most importantly, how to carry yourself in public with
when you carry the title "Photographer". 

One of Phondok Photography's vision, is to create and develop young
talents or even senior photographers who are inadequate of knowledge to
be at least 3/4 equipped with knowledge, be it technical or non
technical. The other 1/4, this is something that all photographers need
to go through, which is self discovery through personal experiences, as
photography is a never ending learning process.

We will stop here for now, if you have any questions regarding this,
kindly reply here or you can personally msg me. Last but not least,
Phondok Photography is created with NO INTENTION to offend anyone out
there. This is more like a shelter for knowledge to those who are
searching for it. Good Day .


  1. cool!
    now PP dah ade blog~...
    harap2 berguna utk semua!
    bro.. jgn buat karangan sampai 5 keping print! hahahah~

  2. Sebab nak buat 5 muka surat karangan laa blog ini diwujudkan hahahahah